VISA CONSULTING, is a leading visa consulting firm with offices in Delhi and Gurgaon. Set up in 2005, we offer consultation services to our clients all over the country.


The principal directors of Visa Solutions have worked at the British High Commission, Visa Department, New Delhi for over 15 years and with that, have gained valuable knowledge and experience unmatched by anyone.


We strongly believe the success of our clients’ cases provides the foundation on which the reputation of our firm stands. Our success builds upon itself. Referrals from our satisfied clients is the basis of our continued growth.

Simply, this sets us apart from the rest! Not only do we understand immigration law, more importantly, we have hands on experience on the implementation of the law and the workings inside an embassy which includes how a case is assessed by a visa officer. We advise you and prepare your case empowered with this valuable knowledge and experience.

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Immigration laws and regulations are often complex, intricate, detailed and difficult to understand. With our expertise and assistance at every stage of your application, we would minimize and eliminate the challenges, confusion and frustration that are often associated with the visa application process. We understand your requirements and your case profile.We draw on our experience and expertise to effectively guide you through the entire visa application process in a timely manner with honesty, impartiality and integrity. We at ensure the highest professional standards are adhered to at all times.

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